Web Design

An effective website is an important asset to a church. The website is the front door to the church and must give an accurate look inside for those that have taken the time to explore. We offer 4 different options as part of our process. We have found that the web needs for churches vary greatly depending on their goals for the site and their budget. We offer the following options. No matter the option chosen, we will follow the process outlined below. 

Creating a compelling church website must involve an efficient partnership between the church and the web developer. We have found depending on the complexity of the site that it takes 4-6 months from beginning to launch. Here’s our process:

discovery phase

During this phase we will ask you to complete our Web Discovery Form. This form helps us understand more about the things that are important to you in the new web site. It will help you focus your thoughts on the purpose of the new site and the best way to achieve that purpose. After D373 has reviewed the form, we will schedule a phone meeting with you and your assigned web designer from our team.  Prior to this meeting you need to talk with your staff team about the things that are important to them for their pages. 

design phase

We call this Web Site Boot Camp! The first thing the designer will do is create a “look” for your site, as well as the site navigation. We will share this with you to get your approval, then the designer focuses on nothing but your site for a week. At the conclusion of the week, the designer will give you the link to the development site for you to begin the proofing process. We will give you a full month to proof the site. At the end of the month we will need to get any changes or corrections from you in a single document. When we receive your final changes, we will schedule the design time and will finalize the site so that it is just as you want it!

Launch and training

At this stage we will help you choose hosting, migrate the site, repoint the DNS, and we will be live! We will want to coordinate the launch so that you can do an “unveiling” with your church. After launch, our Web Manager will do a screen-sharing training session to train you and your team to manage the site. We will always be in your corner to help when you need us! 

Let’s Work Together

How does all of this work? It’s pretty simple, really. If your church is interested in pursuing a partnership with D373, you just need to let us know and we will take it from there. First, we will survey your staff and leadership. Then we put together a summary of what you told us are your marketing deficits. After that we will come to you, meet with your staff, and present the summary and our proposal of what D373 could do for your church. There is no cost to the church for this visit. Use the form below to let us know you are interested or to ask any questions and we will get back with you pronto!