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Social Media is more than a billboard. It’s a ministry opportunity!

We use a very specific custom strategy to leverage social media for the churches that we work with. Our Social Media Specialists work tirelessly to communicate the vision of your church through content they create each week that covers specific areas that we call “buckets.” We fill these buckets each week in order to brand, engage, and inform your community about your church. It is a unique strategy that is yielding incredible results for our churches!

The 8 Buckets of Social Media


Designed to create engagement and conversation from your church page, so more people outside of your church can see the content that you are creating.


Introduces your Pastor to the community by utilizing quotes and stories. The goal is when people give you a first visit they feel like they know and trust the Pastor.


We build a team for your church that becomes a powerful force you can use long after our partnership ends. They are an army of volunteers who are passionate about your church and social media.


Highlighting a different ministry of your church every month allows the community to get a “sneak peek” inside the walls before they ever set foot on campus.


This focuses on teaching your community, even if they don’t realize they’re being taught, through inspiring, shareable content. Providing shareable spiritual content is critical to help a community that does not know Jesus to be drawn to His light. If non-believers won’t read the Bible, we bring the truth of scripture and biblical principles to them.


Focusing on Events that are specifically directed at people outside your church walls will always be a need. When everything is important, nothing is important on social media, so don’t settle for your social platforms being a bulletin board, rather make the BIG events even bigger.


Making sure your service times are highly visible on all of your social platforms is incredibly important. Also, this gives your people shareable content that doesn’t sound so “invitey,” providing effective and intriguing tools for them.


Engaging, as the church, with social pages of businesses, organizations, restaurants, etc. to build trust within your community. This creates a buzz in your city about who you are as a church.


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