Nose Pressed Up to the Glass

Nose pressed up to the glass

by Lee Ann Martin

At Design373 we have made as our mission to market to the Community and the Crowd. This is part of the concentric circles that Rick Warren uses in his book, The Purpose Driven Church. In that he lists the circles as the Community, the Crowd, the Congregation, the Committed and the Core. All of the circles get smaller as they move in. We have as our focus marketing to the outer two circles. It has been our experience that most churches are doing a pretty effective job with internal marketing to the Congregation, the Committed and the Core.

We define the Community as the people who have never heard of your church, and the Crowd as those who will come to your doorstep for a visit. We view our entire strategy for your church through these lenses. The Community strategy involves web work, social media work, special event campaigns, message graphics, and anything else that will create your voice in the Community. We also try to build a strategy for utilizing your congregation as ambassadors for your church in your community.

The Crowd is the group who make the decision to come for a visit. We analyze all the “first touch” pieces, beginning with your web site and how easily people can find information and moving all the way through anything that they will see, hear, touch and experience in that first visit. We evaluate your worship guide, your communication card, information that a guest would receive about your church, and the overall experience.

As part of our evaluation of all of these things, we come to the church service as a visitor. We think of ourselves as “secret shoppers.” We park wherever you have first time guests park. We go through the process as though we were new to the area and are checking out churches. We then write up a report of the great areas and the weaker areas and offer it to the staff with our suggestions.

This brings me to a little story that will explain my catchy title to this article. When we visit churches like this, it is usually one of my team members and me. My team members are all pretty young and pretty hip, some with tattoos, some with piercings. The thing that should be noted is that they are in the age demographic of where most of our churches say they are trying to reach (20-40). As for me, I am a 57 year old typical Sunday morning church person (whatever that means). We don’t come to the service together, as we want to each experience it all through our frame of reference. We had one particularly isolating church visit where a few people spoke to me and virtually none spoke to my team member. But here’s the interesting thing. They all spoke to each other and laughed and hugged each other. They were obviously doing life together and would not have missed the opportunity to be together on a Sunday morning. As we evaluated this, my team member said, “You know, it’s like I was watching everything from behind a window. I could see in and I wanted in, but I had no idea how to accomplish that. Even with my nose pressed up to the glass it’s like no one even saw me.”

This is where we want to help. We want to help you reach the Community and the Crowd that God has put in your path. We will create a strategy that will help you accomplish this.

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Marketing Strategy


We evaluate your church and surrounding area to create a strategy that will be used to market to the Community and Crowd in your area. We will also provide an event marketing guide to help you create a strategy to market your events internally to your congregation.

Graphic Design


We offer custom design services for all of your pieces. We can create a brand guide for your church using fonts and colors that will unify your look. We can also do web work, logos, branding and print media. We can also provide graphic and consultation work for capital campaigns.

Social Media


We maintain and utilize your church social media to create shareable content, conversations, and ad campaigns in order to create a “buzz” about the church in your community. Social media is where people are gathering these days and your church needs to be there.

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