Marketing Strategy

We work for a variety of churches all over the country, creating a unique external marketing strategy for each one.  This provides the church with a team of 9 talented graphic designers, brand strategists, web designers, social media strategists, and photographers at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional employees. We focus on the Community and the Crowd, those people that have never heard of you and the ones that choose to come to your church for a first visit.

Case Study: First Baptist Church

Alexandria Virginia

The Challenge:

First Baptist is a vibrant, missional church in the suburbs of Washington, DC, that was founded in 1803. It is rich in history, with stories of Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, as well as several different Presidents posted in its halls. It is a church filled with people who love the Lord and love each other all the while doing the governmental work of Washington.

We were contacted because they wanted a new look. Their brand was dated, their website was dated, and their printed pieces needed to be reworked. Their social media presence was non-existent. We were given the task of rebranding and putting a new face on this great church.

Our Solution:

We worked with the staff to develop a new church brand, a new website, and a new worship guide. We created a brand guide for them and worked to make their visuals more consistent. The result is a fresh new look that more accurately represents who they are as a church.

Along the way we also did graphics and consultation for their capital campaign, Preparing The Way, which raised $4.5 million for their current renovation project.

First Baptist had virtually no social media presence. We set up social media accounts and monitored them, providing campaigns to boost the reach. Last year for their annual Christmas program they had a social media ad that reached over 200,000 people!

“It was a pleasure to work with Design373 on our 25th Anniversary Living Christmas Tree.  They tailored and managed a custom social media plan for our area and our budget. Our goal was to contact non church folks and we found this method exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend you check them out.”

Roger McGee

Pastor of Music & Worship, Alexandria First Baptist

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