Social Media

We use a very specific strategy to leverage social media for the churches that we work with. Our social media specialists work tirelessly to communicate the vision of your church through 7 posts per week that cover specific areas that we call “buckets.” We fill these buckets each week in order to brand, engage and inform your community about your church. It is a unique strategy that is yielding incredible results for our churches!

“Not only does Design373 know graphics and production,  they know churches. Their creativity and experience have taken us to a whole new level of design and  their understanding of the process make it smooth and positive for our staff. The results are fantastic, our staff is happy, and we are saving thousands of dollars in personnel hours and production from our previous in-house efforts.”

Paul Strozier

Senior Pastor, Madison Park Church

let's work together!

How does all of this work? It’s pretty simple, really. If your church is interested in pursuing a partnership with D373, you just need to let us know and we will take it from there. Use the form below to let us know you are interested or to ask any questions and we will get back with you pronto!